Fall Products I Love & Hate

  • posted by Marci Evans
  • Friday, October 02, 2015

In today's vlog I give a roundup up 2 products I love and 1 product I hate. It's my Fall special of showcases and no case that I think you'll love. I'm talking my favorite cures for the common cold, simple and delicious frozen food, and taking yoga challenges to task. Tune in and then let me know some of your favorite (or not so favorite) products for the Fall season!


Product No Case: The Quantum Scale

  • posted by Marci Evans
  • Friday, February 10, 2012
 If you know me at all, you know that I’m not a fan of obsessing over the scale. And I recently came across this scale called The Quantum. The premise is actually an interesting one. Rather than telling you what you weigh, it stores your weight from the first time you step on it and reports back to you your weight changes without revealing your weight. It sure is an interesting idea and may help those who obsess over a number that determines whether they’ll have good day or a bad day.

It’s probably no surprise that I don’t love it. (Obviously, this is a product no case post.) Let me tell you why:

1. It cannot tell you what is responsible for your body weight changes. Are you dehydrated? Did you have a salty meal? Are you pre-menstrual? Has your body composition (ie. lean mass vs fat mass) changed?
2. It can lead to obsessing over small body shifts that are considered natural and normal. Our bodies naturally fluctuate a few pounds due to fluid and hormonal changes that occur regularly.
3. It cannot tell you if you’re behavior is truly healthy and sustainable. You may see “results” on the scale that seem impressive but may not ultimately be healthy for you. For example, dieting is extremely effective at creating weight loss…until you give up on the diet and gain back more than when you started it.

If the goal of weight loss is taken out of context of behaviors that support health and sustainable behaviors, it is completely useless.
Bottom line: I believe in putting energy into what is “actionable.” And because body weight is a by-product of several factors (like genetics, eating habits, exercise, etc.) I don’t consider it to be an “actionable” goal.

So let’s put our energy into what is within your scope of change:

Getting adequate rest
Honoring body cues for hunger and fullness
Exercising in a way that increases energy, strength, and improves mood
Speaking to yourself in a way that is kind and positive
Drinking enough water

Focusing on actionable behaviors is the key to ultimate health. And no scale can ever capture that. Ever.

What do you think about the Quantum Scale...or tracking weight on any scale for that matter?

Product No Case: 100 calorie packs by Nabisco

  • posted by Marci Evans
  • Tuesday, January 17, 2012

 I periodically review products that I personally think are pretty crappy. Products that tout themselves as health food or diet food but don't do much more than set you up for overeating while providing no nutritional value. Do not get me wrong. I am totally a proponent of incorporating food into your diet that is simply for fun. I am the last to turn down dessert. But I can't stand all of the products that advertise as healthy options but leave you feeling unsatisfied and undernourished.

And this month's product no-case has been around a long time. In fact, I can't believe I haven't blogged about them yet! Yes, the dreaded 100 calorie pack by Nabisco. Here are a few reasons why I don't like them.

#1: They taste gross. If you like them and find them satisfying then go for it. But if you find yourself reaching for one bag...and then another....and then another, it's an indication that they aren't satisfying. You may want to consider another snack option.

#2: The 100 calorie frenzy. There is nothing magical about the number 100. It is a marketing gimmick. If you are using the 100 calorie packages as a snack, 100 calories of refined flour will hold you over for approximately 10 seconds. If you are looking for a snack that actually keeps you full and satisfied (rather than hungry and irritated) you'll need some protein and fat to add in the mix. For example: pretzels with PB, pita chips with hummus, you get the idea.

#3: For most people, it doesn't really teach portion control even though that's exactly what it's marketed for. I explain this in #s 1 and 2. But the bottom line is, if you are truly hungry for a snack, you will likely need more than one of those packs to do the job. If you reach for a 100 cal pack to "be good" then find yourself wanting more it becomes demoralizing and frustrating. 

So what do you think about the 100 calorie snack packs? Like them? Hate them? I want to hear about it!

Product No Case: Arctic Zero

  • posted by Marci Evans
  • Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A big thank you to my anonymous blogger who wrote this post for my site. I thoroughly enjoyed every line and think you will too! Remember, these product "no case" postings are intended to highlight products out there that tout themselves as health food, but are anything but nourishing! Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing. Enjoy!

I have been struggling with an eating disorder for 17 years. I have become remarkably adept at convincing myself that I like low-calorie, low-taste, low-nutrient foods. In fact, I have rarely found one that I didn't covet. That is why I was pretty excited to see Arctic Zero staring at me from my grocer's freezer last week. Mint chocolate cookie. 150 calories per pint. Nutritious and all natural. High protein. High fiber. I could feel my eating disordered adrenaline pumping. What could be better than that?! Well, let me tell you: pretty much ANYTHING is better than that. This stuff tastes so bad I couldn't even eat more than one bite. Think battery acid. Do yourself a favor- if you want a sweet, frozen dessert or snack, eat something real that will taste good and leave you satisfied. Life is just too short. Thank you, Arctic Zero, for helping me get one step further in my recovery.

I am in full support of eating what gives you a true feeling of fullness and satisfaction. When we do that (while honoring our hunger and fullness) our food cravings and food thoughts actually diminish naturally. So the next time you are craving something sweet, go for the real deal!

There seems to be no shortage of "product no cases" out there. Send along any products you think are absolutely fabulous too!

Product No Case: Lundberg Rice Cakes

  • posted by Marci Evans
  • Monday, October 10, 2011

A few months ago, someone was telling me about Lundberg brown rice cakes and how amazing they are. Now, my level of skepticism climbs pretty darn high when someone says delicious and rice cake in the same sentence. Rice cakes speak of dieting food in my book, but I am always on the lookout for tasty whole grain snacks. So I gave them a try…

 And then I spit it out and threw them away. Ew! These rice cakes are the very reason healthy eating gets a bad rap (tasteless cardboard) and why faithful dieters can’t “stay on the bandwagon.” Ick, ick, ick.

I promise that it is possible to eat nutritiously and deliciously. Check out my last product show case, where I shared with you my favorite whole grain cracker. In the mean time, you can toss your brown rice cakes away.

*In an attempt to help you sort through the advertising hype, each month I write about products that tout themselves as healthy and delicious but I don't think fit the bill. Do you have any products that you think fit this category? Let me know!

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