Amber Barke

J. Amber Barke, LICSW, RYT is a clinical psychotherapist, group facilitator, and yoga instructor in Cambridge, MA working with a wide range of clients who struggle with food, weight, exercise and body concerns. Her groups and individual sessions promote a mindfulness-based approach, where clients are empowered to set their own intentions and goals for their work.

Amber believes that each client comes into the therapeutic setting with a unique and specific set of strengths and resiliencies. Her integrative, mind-body approach will help clients to not only practice utilizing these strengths, but also identify the problematic and self-defeating patterns that keep us stuck. With self-compassion, suspension of judgment, and motivation for living more fully, joyfully, and freely, clients are able to transform their lives.

“I wholeheartedly believe that every client has the power to heal themselves, that underneath our story lines and our histories, we are all – at our core- more alike than we are different.” Amber’s outpatient groups create a safe space where group members can receive support, validation, and empathy from other clients who understand. “As a clinician, I value authenticity and honesty in the therapeutic relationship. The healing process is a processing of getting real and coming alive. When we stop pretending, and find the courage to look at ourselves honestly and compassionately then real change is possible. I’m not here to give you the ‘formula’ or provide you with the ‘answer’ – but I am able to support you and guide you while you create your own recovery.”

Amber received her Master’s in Clinical Social Work from Boston University School of Social Work and has worked in a variety of clinical settings. While at Children’s Hospital in Boston, she was awarded the LEAH (Leadership and Education in Adolescent Health) fellowship to continue her training. For over four years, she directed the Intensive Outpatient Program at the Cambridge Eating Disorder Center, continuing to specialize in integrative wellness, mindfulness-based psychotherapy, and group-work. As a yoga practitioner herself for over 10 years, she has completed both a 200-hr yoga teacher training, and level one Reiki attunement. Amber also provides consulting and workshop facilitation for schools, families, and non-profit organizations.

Resume is available upon request
(ph): 617.335.5855