About Us


The Marci RD Nutrition practice was started when Marci realized she wanted autonomy to counsel her clients with total autonomy and freedom. After her first few years as a dietitian, she became frustrated when she realized that the traditional dietetics education and training was not translating into lasting success for her clients. After significant study and research she realized that she believed passionately in the Intuitive Eating philosophy and wanted to build a practice around the Intuitive Eating principles. And so the practice has grown from a one-woman operation in 2009 to a team of clinicians and administrative staff. We love our work because we partner with our clients to help them heal their relationship with food and learn to eat, move, and live in a way they never dreamt possible.


The mission of Marci RD Nutrition is to take the stress out of eating. We believe that everyone deserves to eat in a way that is healthful, pleasurable, and not tainted by excessive preoccupation or feelings of guilt and shame.

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